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“A striking level of exellence in terms of design and aesthetics – overall a very impressive entry”  

Moodelli’s extendable cot, BabyBox and its three stage modular mattress, has just been awarded a GOLD accreditation at Junior Magazine’s Design Awards. This year’s Design Awards was one of the most exciting to date, with an excellent, expert judging panel, and hundreds of amazing entries.

Distributed exclusively in the UK by NSA, the hero product in the moodelli collection is undoubtedly the BabyBox. It’s unique USP is that it extends and grows with babymoodelli-babybox-junior-award-gold-INSTA-v2from birth until around 2 years old, adjusting in size from a mini-cot (0-3 months), to an interim size (3-12 months) and then finally a larger cot (12-24 months). After baby has outgrown its Baby Box, the cot reverts back to the initial dimensions for use as a chic toy/storage box. Watch the three stages of the cot here

BabyBox is perfect for those parents living in small apartments or those short of space.  It comes with castors, so it’s effortless to move around. The 3-stage mattress also means parents don’t have to incur additional expense by having to buy separate mattresses each time the cot extends.

Stockist information NSA t: 01483 527799