Moodelli,  a project come true

moodelli is a Spanish company founded by three entrepreneurs who are parents; one an expert in business development and two architects from the renowned studio Galeano Poggi in 2012.

The company is currently engaged in the development, manufacture and marketing of designer nursery products aimed at all stages of a baby’s growth.

The origin of the company was inspired their know-how as architects and specialism in business development, together with their special interest in family relationships

Fundadores: Moises, Caro y Fran

Moisés García
Business Development & Marketing Manage.

The ideas, no matter where they were originated, are equally viable." When I became a dad I had a vision: a cot that grew with the baby”. At moodelli, and together with my partners, I have been able to realise these dreams.  Moisés García

Carolina Galeano


 I+D+i Manager

Francisco Poggi


Product engineering

"We are two architects who, following the birth of our children, created theBabybox cot. We wanted a cot that would grow with them and become a special and unique piece”.

"We believe in products that last the test of time well past the conceptual idea. This is now the central philosophy at moodelli ". Carolina Galeano y Francisco Poggi

Intelligent concepts: moodelli standard

We offer innovative products which are ingenious and creative, and are able to be understood at first sight by our clients. We believe these values ​​will make the products last over time. This is our philosophy.

Design, quality, safety, ergonomics, functionality and a respect for the environment are qualities present in all of our products. We devote our work to the baby’s interaction, link, emotion, growth and play with his family.

Based on these auspices, we have obtained the recommendations of AIJU 2013/2014 (European Certification Institute) to the Babybox product and Best New Product at the International Contemporary Furniture Fair in New York in 2004, and WIPO Gold Medal as the best project in patent in Innovation 2005

A brand that expands

Moodelli is currently involved in a full commercial and international expansion programme of the brand and the continued development of new products for the collection. This is why we are present at major international events in the sector, and implementing new plans for our business and communication strategies.