Terms and conditions of sale and delivery of products


It is an essential condition that at the time of receipt of the goods indicated in the delivery note is signed to the carrier, any incident that may have in the state of the same or packaging and communicated to MOODELLO, S.L. this incidence by e-mail to info@moodelli.com within a maximum period of 24 hours from receipt of the package. If the package has significant damages to which it is believed that the product could have been damaged it shall be rejected and shall notify MOODELLO, S.L. Immediately.


The customer shall have a period of 20 days from receipt of product to send MOODELLO, S.L. any claim relating to the product supplied. After that period the products shall be considered as conforming by the customer. The claim must be made by emailing info@moodelli.com. MOODELLO, S.L. it is not responsible and reserves the right to reject any returns if goods in poor condition due to misuse or transport damage. If a product is received to repair and checked for proper operation will be returned to the customer freight collect. Return Material only be accepted in the following cases:

a) The return of non-defective merchandise not accepted norm. However, in special cases as an exception return it is accepted but always with the prior approval of MOODELLO, S.L. ..

b) defective (manufacturing defect) upon receipt thereof Material: If the material is defective must make a change request via e info@moodelli.com. Once the product received a reply will be sent to MOODELLO, S.L. with its original packaging, manuals and original accessories.

c) defective material under warranty: In case of defective material within the warranty period, the warranty management will be accepted. The guarantee by law is 2 years extended for an additional year, up to 3 years by the company MOODELLO, S.L


End users have the right to request the return of a product purchased in MOODELLO, S.L. by repentance purchase within a maximum period of 14 days after receipt. After 20 days MOODELLO, S.L. It reserves the right to accept or return the product.

The end user is required to notify MOODELLO, S.L. on the intention to return the product to generate a request via e info@moodelli.com. It is not considered valid and sufficient rejection of the package at the time of delivery.

The end user will assume management fees and shipping to return the product if repentance. Also all returned product will suffer a depreciation in value and such depreciation will be borne by the end user. The depreciation of the value of the product will be stipulated by MOODELLO, S.L. The refund shall be made under the assigned conditions.

defective at the time of receipt of the same material: If material is defective must make a request for RMA on our website. Once you assigned an RMA number the product will be shipped to MOODELLO, S.L. as directed, with original packaging, manuals and original accessories and its corresponding RMA number visible on the outside of the packaging.

defective material under warranty: In case of defective material within the warranty period, the warranty management will be accepted. its original, manual or packaging accessories is not necessary. Once you assigned an RMA number the product will be shipped to MOODELLO, S.L. as directed, within a maximum period of 7 days. On the outside of the package must record the RMA number. After 7 days, the RMA will be canceled


The guarantee of our products will be established by the manufacturer of each brand and will be indicated on the web, within the file for each product.


The payment will be reflected in the bill, card, bank transfer or paypal. In terms agreed between the Customer and MOODELLO, S.L. and they must be respected. The lack of partial or full payment of any invoice due date will involve applying a surcharge of 2% per month.


MOODELLO offers, S.L. You will come indicated in the communication of the same and the expiry date will be indicated in the offer and we reserve the right to change prices until you have received our order confirmation.

6. MAILING advertising and information

According to the general conditions of sale of MOODELLO, S.L., our customers are incorporated into our database, so you will receive mailings with offers of our products and novelties about the same. If you wish to exercise the right to cancel this service, please contact us. In each mailing you receive, you yourself can unsubscribe if you no longer wish to receive more offers MOODELLO, S.L.

7. cancel or modify ORDERS

Upon receipt of an order, we proceed to the execution and from that moment no cancellations or modifications thereof will be accepted.


Risk of loss and / or damage is transmitted to the client from the moment the shipment of goods to the customer occurs.


The product is considered delivered when leaving the store MOODELLO, S.L. (Ex-stock MOODELLO, S.L.). The deadlines for the delivery of the material are merely informative, not binding MOODELLO, SL. Unless expressly agreed in writing with MOODELLO, SL, the customer is not entitled to request cancellation of an order or any compensation (including the return of freight) in the event that a delay in product delivery occurs. The Customer may not refuse to pay the price of products delivered when it occurs, by MOODELLO, S.L., the partial delivery of an order.


While the customer has not fully paid the price and all amounts due as a result of the sale, the supplied product shall be considered the property of MOODELLO, S.L., with all the rights. The customer will be considered depositary of the products and must store them separately, identifying them clearly.

If at any time the customer due doeth not cash amount, MOODELLO, S.L. issuer may elect to require immediate payment of all overdue installments and expire or terminate the contract and withdraw the products held by the customer, without any obligation to reimburse the amount received, which will benefit MOODELLO, S.L. in compensation for breach of contract, subject to compensation for damages caused to MOODELLO, S.L. it can claim.

If prior to full payment of the products, such is the client object to their property of any lien or work, the diligence of attachment shall state expressly that they are owned by MOODELLO, S.L. If, despite this, they were seized, facilitate the exercise by MOODELLO, S.L., of the relevant third party domain, whose expenses borne by the customer.

The client, in addition to the special affectation to fulfill their obligations, established on products sold, respond to them with all his other assets.


The responsibility for MOODELLO, S.L. in the sale to the purchaser is limited to the invoice amount of product sold to that established by the applicable legislation consumption.

The responsibility for MOODELLO, S.L. It is limited to the amount of the invoice; MOODELLO, S.L. is not liable for any loss Buyer for loss of profit goods.